The Grooming Lounge


A luxury grooming/pampering session from £18 includes

  • Bathing with speciality shampoos
  • Mini massage helps ease and relax elderly and nervous dogs
  • Coat conditioning
  • Hand drying (no stressful drying cabinets are used)
  • Full grooming to assist with the natural shedding of your dog's coat
  • Eye cleaning
  • Ear cleaning/plucking
  • Nail clipping
  • Clip/scissor cut in the style and length of your choice


And to finish...

  • A Spray of our gorgeous doggy cologne (our baby fresh fragrance is fabulous)
  • All the products we use here in the salon can be purchased in smaller sizes.  So your dog can be salon fresh every day




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 grooming package standard from £12

  • Bath with speciality shampoos
  • Full coat brush
  • Trim around feet eyes and bottom
  • Nails clipped and cleaned
  • Ears cleaned

Extras include

  • Dogs can be taken for a refreshing walk around the farm
  • Collection and delivery service
  • Puppy/lonely dog sitting
  • Dogs can be left with us all day
  • We are stockists of Pet Head and Spa speciality shampoos and conditioners



Please contact us with your own personal requirements and we will be only too happy to give you an estimated price over the phone.


The above prices are for dogs that are matt free.  There will however be an extra charge on top of these prices for any dog in for grooming which is matted enough to slow the clipping process down.


Please note that we always have your dogs best interest at heart.  If for example we feel that your dog is too badly matted for the clip you require we would stop the groom and contact you immediately. 


Amazing daily offers please ring for details